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2022-03-24 03:31:10 By : Mr. Damon Liang

Baby, we were born to run. 

Whether you want to recreate the full gym experience or you just want something cheap and cheerful to keep active while WFH, there's a treadmill out there to suit your fitness needs.

Ever since Covid, we’ve realised that a lot of the things we had to leave the house for we could actually do from the comfort of our own home. Like working, catching up with friends, even getting a great workout. And while there’s definitely a newfound joy in getting out in the world and going places like the gym or for a jog around the park, it’s nice to know that if it’s raining or cold, or it’s late or early or frankly we just can’t be bothered, we can get our sweat on and our steps in from the comfort of our living room. Here are ten of our favourites, all of which fold flat or upright, and are perfect for the home gym.

Endurance Spirit Treadmill, Amazon, $1,299 Proform 505 CST PF20 Treadmill, 2,299.00 Rebel Sport Nordictrack S25I NT20 Treadmill, $1699 at Rebel Pro-Form Power Treadmill, $1499.00 at Decathlon

Everfit Electric Treadmill, $482.95 at Amazon Advwin 1000W Folding Treadmill, $336.90 at Catch Everfit Electric Treadmill TITAN45, $759.95 at Catch

Sardine Sport Walking Pad, $799 at Amazon WalkSlim 410 Slimline Walking Treadmill, $925 at Appliances Online

Want more info? We're breaking each of them down below...

With a 15-level automatic incline and in-built fitness programs, its Pro Cushion Suspension System is great for reducing the impact a run has on your joints. This treadmill has over 100 positive customer reviews and while it’s not the most compact on the market, it will fold in half and it can be transported. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and those who have bought it have raved, saying, “this treadmill packs in the features, and for the price, you will not get any better.”

This treadmill is gym-quality at a super great price (for Rebel Sport members). It reaches speeds up to 16Kph and inclines to 10 percent and includes a five-inch backlit display and built in speakers to get you pumping to your favourite tunes. There are 12 preset workouts or you can create your own and it's easily folded for storage when not in use. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and plenty of great reviews on the Rebel Sport website. “Awesome machine for light and long running. Light and easy to move around," says one, while another added, "Keeps the whole family fit and healthy! Wonderful to exercise indoors in the comfort of your own home when the weather is starting to get chilly.”

Another highly reviewed treadmill available for a great price at Rebel (and this one you don't have to be a member to get the discount), this one reaches speeds of up to 22kph and includes a 7inch LCD display to track everything you need: calories, speed, distance etc. It also has a slightly wider-than-average belt, which lets you take longer strides, and also includes two built-in speakers to play your favourite hits. It's also compatible with the iFIT app which means you can access running tracks guided by personal trainers around the globe (with an iFIT membership). Finally, it also includes an autobreeze fan which keeps your body temperature stable while you're walking, something one of the many positive reviewers said they enjoyed. "Extremely comfortable to walk on. Fan makes a huge difference whilst you are walking."

Designed for regular, high-intensity running, this treadmill will reach speeds of up to 20kph and has an incline of 12 percent. It features 18 workouts with a long running belt of 51cm by 140cm, which means it's perfect for long strides and long-distance. It is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with iFit and features a built-in CoolAire fan to keep easy and breezy while you're working out. Most importantly, it's foldable, so it's easily stored out of sight when needed.

Small and quiet, this treadmill might be cheap but it still packs a punch. With 12 pre-set programs and speeds, it will fold up to fit under your couch and is designed with shock absorption to minimise impact on your joints. It also has a three-level incline, a bright LCD screen and a fitness tracker to measure your progress.

This bang-for-your-buck treadmill is super compact and lightweight and is easily stored out of sight. It has built-in heart rate sensors, an anti-static grip belt and dual drink holders to keep your fluids handy. It features 12 in-built training programs or you can create your own and comes with a cup holder to keep your water or sports drink handy. It also has a bright, large and easy-to-read LED display to track your progress.

A higher price point but still affordable, this treadmill is sturdy and impressive and while bigger than some other 'compact' treadmills is foldable to put away as needed. With 12 pre-set training programs, it's meant to simulate running in the park or on the street, and has a large control panel which makes it super easy to set your own training program, with up to 18 speed levels and 15 levels of inclination. It also comes with drink holders, a USB and MP3 connection and speakers for your smart phone along with a tablet holder if you want to watch Netflix while you train. It has an average of 4.5/5 stars and plenty of good reviews. “Really pleased. Wasn’t expecting gym quality but is a great machine at a great size. Quite sturdy and the whole family use it."

If you don't have a lot of space or you want something portable you can use at work or on the go, a walking pad might be a great option.

With a large LED display and a built-in app, this walking pad makes it super easy to track speed, distance, time and calories. Easy to fold and pack away, it's perfect for whipping out to get your steps during a zoom meeting, or even a day at the office. It also comes with a handy remote.

Super slimline, this treadmill stashes neatly away under a couch or a desk and is lightweight and easily whipped out when needed. It has a large LED display and has Bluetooth connectivity to track your workout, along with a remote control to adjust time, distance and speed.

The main factors to consider are space and budget. Treadmills can be super affordable or a big investment purchase, and while the cheaper ones will do the basic job (and will do it well) if you're embarking on a high-intensity workout regime, it's probably worth spending a bit more for a sturdier machine with more features. It's also really important to think about how much space you have at home and where you plan to keep your treadmill. If you don't have a lot of room (or if you are a regular gym goer who is using this treadmill to supplement their exercise routine) then you probably only need something small and portable that can be moved in and out as needed. Remember, if you buy something that ends up being too bulky for the space, you're more likely to leave it in a cupboard and let it gather dust.

Again, it depends on what you want out of your machine and what other tech you already have in the house. If you have wireless headphones or you plan to have your treadmill in the living room in front of the TV or near a speaker, you probably don't need one with inbuilt speakers or bluetooth connectivity. What is important is the tech in your digital display, as it's good to be able to watch and track your workout. It's also good to consider how many programs are built into your machine. If you're using your treadmill to get some extra steps in on the days you can't get out, you likely don't need a fancy treadmill with 22 different workout programs, but if you're using your home gym as the basis for a new healthy lifestyle, it's great to have lots of programs to challenge your progress.

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This article was originally published June 6, 2021 and was updated January 12, 2022.

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