Can you rent a treadmill? Here's four companies that allow you to borrow a treadmill and send it back

2022-03-24 03:31:16 By : Mr. Robin Wang

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Get one, use it, send it back.

Boris Johnson recently announced further restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the UK is now moving towards a full lockdown. Exercise outside is being limited to once a day and alone or in the company of members of your household.

In this climate, it is understandable that people may be looking at staying at home completely, especially if you live with vulnerable individuals. This is why treadmills are quickly becoming sought after, with lots of runners looking to invest.

Treadmills, however, can be quite expensive and if you know you will be going back to running outside the minute the lockdown finishes, committing to such investment may not be very appealing.

If this is you, then maybe you might want to think about renting one just for the time being, so here are some options for you to browse around.

Hire Fitness offers a very vast array of treadmills at different prices, starting on £18/week and a minimum hire period of 12 weeks. They even offer a special treadmill with a desk for people who like to be doing some exercise while doing work, which will come in useful now that most of us are working from home.

This platform offers treadmills brands that you can pick from, such as Tunturi, Bremshey and Horizon. They provide fast delivery, 1-3 days from booking, and hiring periods start from one month, which gives you quite a bit of flexibility. Prices are pretty low, around £18/week, which goes down to £14/week if you hire a treadmill for six months.

Brands offered here are Noble Pro and NordicTrack. Delivery is free and guarantee within five days from booking. A minimum hire period of two months is required, and prices vary from as little as £11/week to as much as £50/week.

This website has quite a few treadmill brands that you can hire, including Viavito, Beny Sport and Bremshey and prices are fairly similar, raging between £21/week and £25/week depending number of weeks, starting from four weeks. Delivery costs depend on location and access to property.

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